The Beginning

Episode 1 - 3 min


The first episode!

I'd like to welcome you all to the first episide of the Svelte Radio show. It's pretty short, but it's something!

Show Notes

We start off by talking about Svelte 3.16 which was just released. It brings improvements handling top-level value changes by using bitmasks which will result in a smaller bundle.

Svelte-Type-Checker was just released. Use it to type check your Svelte project. You don't even need to use Typescript in order to get going.

Rich Harris made a Svelte version of Paul Henschels React Concurrent mode demo. You can find it here. There's also source code if you're interested in that.

SvelteFire brings us Cybernetically enhanced Firebase apps. This package integrates nicely with Firebase and brings a number of features out of the box, such as built in loading & fallback states as well as automatic data disposal and performance monitoring.

We talk about Peter Allens Bristech talk 'Re-rendering perceptions with Svelte'. You can watch it and check out the slides.

The community website is coming along nicely and recently got a facelift. Swyx just added a Showcase section where you can checkout pages and projects built in Svelte. Much appreciated.