A podcast about Svelte. We bring you the latest happenings in the Svelte world as well as interviews and other interesting discussions. 

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3D and Threlte with Grischa Erbe

In this episode we talk with the creator of Threlte, Grischa Erbe. Enjoy!

Talking Gradio and AI with pngwn 🐧

In this episode we FINALLY manage to catche the Pngwn 🐧. He works at Huggingface and created MDSveX. Enjoy!

3D, WebGL and AI

We talk Threlte and AI... a lot of AI! And Svelte of course.

Catching up after Svelte Summit

We're finally getting back into it again. This week Brittney and Kev catch up on the latest since Svelte Summit. Enjoy!

Let's talk routing with Rich Harris

Some new routing changes have made its way to SvelteKit. Controversial? A bit. We sit down with Rich Harris to talk about the why the how of it all.

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