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Ron Au's story and how to be whimsical!

We have a chat with Ron Au, the creator of the infamous floating head talk from 2019! He tells us about his journey from journalism into web development and how he end...

3D and Threlte with Grischa Erbe

In this episode we talk with the creator of Threlte, Grischa Erbe. Enjoy!

Talking Gradio and AI with pngwn 🐧

In this episode we FINALLY manage to catche the Pngwn 🐧. He works at Huggingface and created MDSveX. Enjoy!

3D, WebGL and AI

We talk Threlte and AI... a lot of AI! And Svelte of course.

Catching up after Svelte Summit

We're finally getting back into it again. This week Brittney and Kev catch up on the latest since Svelte Summit. Enjoy!

Let's talk routing with Rich Harris

Some new routing changes have made its way to SvelteKit. Controversial? A bit. We sit down with Rich Harris to talk about the why the how of it all.

SvelteKit is changing fast!

This week we talk about a number changes that have been made to SvelteKit lately. (No! Not the big routing changes, those will be talked about next episode!). And Brit...

The Svelte Documentary is out!

In this episode we talk about the recently released Svelte documentary. We thought it was pretty good... but we're biased, we were all in it πŸ˜‚

All About the Sirens

In this episode we sit down for a chat with the Svelte Sirens!

Stores Galore

In this episode we talk about stores! Custom ones, regular ones, cool ones! ALL THE STORES! We also rant a bit about the current state of build tools.

Inspecting Svelte Code with Dominik G.

Dominik joins us to talk about a really cool new feature that he has just enabled in vite-plugin-svelte

The other Rich! Geoff!

Geoff Rich is a recent addition to the Svelte maintainer org. He joins us to talk about his role and what he'd like to work on going forward. Oh, and there's some Svel...

The Adventures of Running a Svelte Meetup

This week we chat about what it takes to host a Svelte meetup! Interested in running one? Just go for it!

Rich Harris on Hydration and the future of SvelteKit

Rich joins us for discussion on Svelte, SvelteKit, Hydration and a lot of other fun stuff. Enjoy!

A Sudden Svelte Element Appears

This week we talk about the upcoming Svelte Summit events as well as the new kid on the block - svelte:element

Page Endpoints and Named Layouts

This week Antony and Kevin discuss the latest additions to SvelteKit; Page Endpoints, Named Layouts and Parameter Matching.

SvelteKit in Production with Domenik Reitzner

This week we talk with Domenik Reitzner about a project they've built and launched using SvelteKit.

Chris Toomey talks Svelte, Rails and Banking

We talk with Chris Toomey of the Bike Shed podcast about him and is teams bet on Svelte at Sagewell Financial

New Year, New Svelte!?

After a bit of a hiatus we're back. We talk about Svelte Summit, the latest happenings in Svelte and SvelteKit. Enjoy!

Rich Harris is now working full-time on Svelte 🀯

We sit down with Rich Harris to talk about his new job, leaving The New York Times and what the future of Svelte looks like. Enjoy!

Svelte Summit is coming up and Svelte is growing!

We talk about the recently released Svelte Summit website and a bunch of other fun stuff!

Routify 3 with Jake and Willow

We sit down and talk with Jake and Willow and talk about the just-released Routify 3.

Contributing to Svelte with Martin 'Grygrflzr' Krisnanto Putra

Today we talk with Grygrflzr about his journey to becoming a maintainer and his views on React, Vite and a host of other things. Enjoy!

Tan Li Hau has a YouTube channel

We welcome Tan Li Hau back for a second time. This time we talk about his YouTube channel where he has been creating some stellar content!

Rebuilding LevelUpTuts using SvelteKit

Scott Tolinski is back! He's been a busy bee rebuilding LevelUpTuts using SvelteKit. We get all the juicy details!

Talking WebDev with Brittney Postma

Brittney has an unusual background and an interesting story! We ask her about mentoring, teaching and how she got WebDev. Enjoy!

Talking Elder.js with Nick Reese

We sit down with Nick to talk about Elder.js - an insanely fast static site generator built on-top of Svelte with support for partial hydration.

A Jolly Good Svelte Summer

We're back after a short break with a new episode. We talk about what's new in Svelte and what we've been up to!

Migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit with Mike Nikles

Mike joins us to talk about his experience migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit

BONUS: Svelte Summit Q&A with Rich

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