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Migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit with Mike Nikles

Mike joins us to talk about his experience migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit

BONUS: Svelte Summit Q&A with Rich

Svelte Summit Party Episode

We talk about the upcoming Svelte Summit event and what to expect from the talks. And there's a new intro!

Building ListenAddict with David W. Parker

Recorded February 4th. Parker shows us ListenAddict. We talk a bit about building stuff using Svelte and what's next.

Svelte Kit Public Beta!

Wooh! It's here. The SvelteKit open beta! We talk about how to get started, what's different compared to Sapper, new features, migration paths. All that fun stuff.

Svelte Language Tools with Simon Holthausen

We talk with Simon Holthausen about TypeScript in the Svelte ecosystem as well as the language tools.

Ben McCann on Sapper and SvelteKit

Ben McCann joins us to talk about the next version of Sapper as well as SvelteKit. We touch on migration from Sapper to SvelteKit, what's going to happen with Sapper as well as some good news for developers using Webpack.

A New Svelte Year

A new year, a new Svelte Radio episode!

Luke Edwards: The man with many libraries

This time we're joined by Svelte core maintainer Luke Edwards, known for his many NPM packages. We talk Cloudflare Workers, his jest alternative uvu and a bunch of other cool stuff.

What's new in Sveltia?

We talk about what's new with SvelteKit, how to contribute and other news in Svelteland!

Scott Tolinski talks Svelte, React and Podcasting

Scott Tolinski of Syntax.fm fame joins us to talk about Svelte, React and podcasting. Oh, and he has a new course on Svelte animations! Have a listen!

Rich Harris talks SvelteKit and the future of web development

Rich Harris joins us to talk about SvelteKit; features, plans and all sorts of fun stuff.

Svelte Summit is over, what a bummer!

This week we talk about all the awesome talks that we saw at Svelte Summit. It was a bit long, but wow, was it good! Great Event. And we hope you all come to the next one in the first half of 2021!

The Svelte Summit Hypisode

We talk about the upcoming Svelte happening of the year: Svelte Summit. We discuss some of the talks that you'll see at the event as well as some details about the event!

Svelte and Sapper in Action with Mark Volkmann

Mark Volkmann has written a great book on Svelte and Sapper. We sit down with him to talk about his background, what's in the book and some more philosophical developer stuff! Have a listen!

Performance on the web with Houssein Djirdeh

Houssein Djirdeh joins us to talk about performance on the web. We touch on a lot of different topics like bundle size, framework size and much more.

Tan Li Hau on contributing to Svelte, his compiler handbook and much more!

Li Hau joins us to talk about his experience contributing to Svelte and how he got started. We talk about the best way to get involved as well as his compiler handbook. Enjoy!

Svelte Summit 2020, Sapper is getting some love and Elder.js is really cool!

This week we announce the new online conference Svelte Summit as well as talk about Elder.js - an amazing new static site generator.

Amelia Wattenberger, Svelte, D3 and other fun stuff!

This week we had the pleasure to be joined by Amelia Wattenberger; we talk about Svelte, D3, React and loads of fun stuff. Enjoy!

Rich Harris, The Big Announcement

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with the creator of Svelte, Rich Harris. The topics of the podcast can be seen below but first we have a big announcement! TypeScript support for Svelte is finally, officially here! Hallelujah! Links and other fun stuff: Frontend Masters course by Rich Harris Svite Pancake and Layercake MalinaJS Picks (amazon affiliate links): The Executioner Raspberry Pi 4 Microsoft Sculpt Volumio

Svelte Society Day: End of Summer Edition

After a couple of weeks we're once again back, talking about all things Svelte! This episode we discuss a whole lot of stuff: the next Svelte Society Day, maintainers meet, recipes, some new resources and a cool new Podcast Player for KaiOS. Check out the deets below in no particular order: New Svelte Society website (Staging!). Help out by contacting me, i'm @Kev on the Svelte Discord. Amelia Wattenberger's svelte.recipes site Svite = Svelte + Vite. Use Svelte and Vite Cloud Native Web Development by Mike Nikles A new static site generator called JungleJS Learn in Public book page written in Svelte. Hosted on begin. Also some talk about Cloudflare Worker Sites. Showcase topics: PodLP, Unofficial newsletter, July 18th Meetup in India, Pokedex, Textmoji, Svelte Society France and CFPs Picks: Sensible Side Buttons, Twitter Links, Foam

Hillary Clinton tweeted about Svelte

In this latest episode we talk a great deal of things, I've added most of the links that we talked about in a list below. Enjoy! We're currently looking for sponsors to make sure the production value of the podcast goes up. At the moment we're just doing this on our free time and the editing could for sure be better. If you are interested in talking about this, find me on the Svelte Discord (i'm @Kev). MDSveX, markdown in Svelte. Svelte REPL pull request. Try it out! Frontend Masters course by Rich Harris! Svelte Society Discord. Join and check out the french meetup scene! Svelte Society Amsterdam Meetup. Writing preprocessors and migrating to SvelteJS Open Source Awards! Make sure to vote for Svelte if you figure out how. Request For Comments on built-in Actions in Svelte. Which actions would you like to see by default? Hillary Clinton tweets about Svelte. Sort-of. An intro to Pancake. Svelte in production at pace.dev and used by Square Enix for the Kingdom Hearts website. Showcase: JungleJS (gatsby/gridsome) and Unicode Lookup. Picks: external monitor, ergonomics and Hey.

TypeScript Language Tools

In this episode we're extremely excited to talk with Simon and Orta about TypeScript support in Svelte. From what we can tell, it seems it's already here! What a time to be alive! We talk a bit about what TypeScript is, what it solves and some of the challenges implementing support for it. We end the episode with a show-and-tell where Simon shows us around the git repo where all the work is happening. If you're listening to this you can find the video (video starts 34:22) at the Svelte Society Youtube Channel. Resources: Language Server Protocol Svelte Language Tools Some Issues to take a look at: #11, #4797

In Defense of The Modern Web

This week we talk about a bunch of fun topics! In no particular order: Rich Harris' In Defense of The Web Kevins article on actions. Bundler work and HMR in Svelte: Nollup, Vite, Snowpack New contributors resources: CONTRIBUTING, ROADMAP Contributing in practice: Li Hau's bug fix story Built in Svelte: Googles Performance Benchmark Scott teaches Wes about Svelte TypeScript almost here? Next episode we will bring on some of the active contributors to discuss it. Stay tuned! Microsoft releases Azure Static Sites. Builds one live using Svelte! Unfortunately somewhere in this 48 hours stream Scott Tolinski builds a Svelte and Meteor application. Free series! Keying things. Relevant background info: Sebastian Markbåge, Nik Graf. Svelte Workaround Pub quiz? If you're interested, give us a shoutout on the Discord! Discussion about an upcoming official router Shawn talks about his book. Picks: Shawn: Baseus W01 Earphones Antony: Browserstack Kevin: Plausible

Post Svelte Society Day

Shawn, Antony and Kevin sit down for a talk about the latest happenings in Svelte land. We talk about Svelte Society Day, some new courses, Snowpack, Typescript and much more. Topic links: Scrimba course Firebase course 7 hour FreeCodeCamp course svelte-forms Svelte Society Day channel: and a gist with information. A svelte CLI? Compile Svelte in your head (Part 3) Transition PR and context from Dan Abramov Ignoring warnings Contribute to a11y warnings Tag named anchor broke apps

The Beginning

In this very first episode of the Svelte Radio show check out what has been happening the last week in Svelteworld. Show notes can be found here: https://www.svelteradio.com/the-beginning

Kevin Åberg Kultalahti