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Chris Toomey talks Svelte, Rails and Banking

We talk with Chris Toomey of the Bike Shed podcast about him and is teams bet on Svelte at Sagewell Financial

New Year, New Svelte!?

After a bit of a hiatus we're back. We talk about Svelte Summit, the latest happenings in Svelte and SvelteKit. Enjoy!

Rich Harris is now working full-time on Svelte 🤯

We sit down with Rich Harris to talk about his new job, leaving The New York Times and what the future of Svelte looks like. Enjoy!

Svelte Summit is coming up and Svelte is growing!

We talk about the recently released Svelte Summit website and a bunch of other fun stuff!

Routify 3 with Jake and Willow

We sit down and talk with Jake and Willow and talk about the just-released Routify 3.

Contributing to Svelte with Martin 'Grygrflzr' Krisnanto Putra

Today we talk with Grygrflzr about his journey to becoming a maintainer and his views on React, Vite and a host of other things. Enjoy!

Tan Li Hau has a YouTube channel

We welcome Tan Li Hau back for a second time. This time we talk about his YouTube channel where he has been creating some stellar content!

Rebuilding LevelUpTuts using SvelteKit

Scott Tolinski is back! He's been a busy bee rebuilding LevelUpTuts using SvelteKit. We get all the juicy details!

Talking WebDev with Brittney Postma

Brittney has an unusual background and an interesting story! We ask her about mentoring, teaching and how she got WebDev. Enjoy!

Talking Elder.js with Nick Reese

We sit down with Nick to talk about Elder.js - an insanely fast static site generator built on-top of Svelte with support for partial hydration.

A Jolly Good Svelte Summer

We're back after a short break with a new episode. We talk about what's new in Svelte and what we've been up to!

Migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit with Mike Nikles

Mike joins us to talk about his experience migrating from Sapper to SvelteKit

BONUS: Svelte Summit Q&A with Rich

Svelte Summit Party Episode

We talk about the upcoming Svelte Summit event and what to expect from the talks. And there's a new intro!

Building ListenAddict with David W. Parker

Recorded February 4th. Parker shows us ListenAddict. We talk a bit about building stuff using Svelte and what's next.

Svelte Kit Public Beta!

Wooh! It's here. The SvelteKit open beta! We talk about how to get started, what's different compared to Sapper, new features, migration paths. All that fun stuff.

Svelte Language Tools with Simon Holthausen

We talk with Simon Holthausen about TypeScript in the Svelte ecosystem as well as the language tools.

Ben McCann on Sapper and SvelteKit

Ben McCann joins us to talk about the next version of Sapper as well as SvelteKit. We touch on migration from Sapper to SvelteKit, what's going to happen with Sapper as well as some good news for developers using Webpack.

A New Svelte Year

A new year, a new Svelte Radio episode!

Luke Edwards: The man with many libraries

This time we're joined by Svelte core maintainer Luke Edwards, known for his many NPM packages. We talk Cloudflare Workers, his jest alternative uvu and a bunch of other cool stuff.

What's new in Sveltia?

We talk about what's new with SvelteKit, how to contribute and other news in Svelteland!

Scott Tolinski talks Svelte, React and Podcasting

Scott Tolinski of Syntax.fm fame joins us to talk about Svelte, React and podcasting. Oh, and he has a new course on Svelte animations! Have a listen!

Rich Harris talks SvelteKit and the future of web development

Rich Harris joins us to talk about SvelteKit; features, plans and all sorts of fun stuff.

Svelte Summit is over, what a bummer!

This week we talk about all the awesome talks that we saw at Svelte Summit. It was a bit long, but wow, was it good! Great Event. And we hope you all come to the next one in the first half of 2021!

The Svelte Summit Hypisode

We talk about the upcoming Svelte happening of the year: Svelte Summit. We discuss some of the talks that you'll see at the event as well as some details about the event!

Svelte and Sapper in Action with Mark Volkmann

Mark Volkmann has written a great book on Svelte and Sapper. We sit down with him to talk about his background, what's in the book and some more philosophical developer stuff! Have a listen!

Performance on the web with Houssein Djirdeh

Houssein Djirdeh joins us to talk about performance on the web. We touch on a lot of different topics like bundle size, framework size and much more.

Tan Li Hau on contributing to Svelte, his compiler handbook and much more!

Li Hau joins us to talk about his experience contributing to Svelte and how he got started. We talk about the best way to get involved as well as his compiler handbook. Enjoy!

Svelte Summit 2020, Sapper is getting some love and Elder.js is really cool!

This week we announce the new online conference Svelte Summit as well as talk about Elder.js - an amazing new static site generator.

Amelia Wattenberger, Svelte, D3 and other fun stuff!

This week we had the pleasure to be joined by Amelia Wattenberger; we talk about Svelte, D3, React and loads of fun stuff. Enjoy!

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