SvelteLab - a Svelte REPL for SvelteKit with Antonio and Paolo

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Recorded: June 15th

In this episode we talk with Antonio and Paolo, winners of the Svelte Hackathon! They built a REPL that not only works for Svelte, but also for SvelteKit.

Intro music by Braden Wiggins a.k.a. Fractal ([email protected])

Discussion topics
Unpopular Opinions
  • Brittney: Native HTML tables are awful (brittney)
  • Antonio: There are too many micro blogging sites
  • Antony: Notion
  • Paolo:
    • We should not force “sv” into all the names
    • PWA:s are actually ok!
  • Brittney: Diablo 4
  • Kevin: Global Warming is great (wtf?!)
  • Paolo: Bluey
  • Antonio: Zelda
  • Antony: Light Weight E-scooter
    • Megawheels S1

Creators and Guests

antony 
antony 
Dad / @SvelteJS maintainer / @SvelteSociety co-founder / Svelte Radio host. Born at 341.57 ppm CO2.
DS Eng @Provihq 🧜 😺 👩‍🏫
Kevin A. K.
Kevin A. K.
Co-founder of Svelte Society 🌎 Organizer of Svelte Summit 🏔 Host of Svelte Radio 📻
SvelteLab - a Svelte REPL for SvelteKit with Antonio and Paolo
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