A podcast about Svelte. We bring you the latest happenings in the Svelte world as well as interviews and other interesting discussions. 

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Stores Galore

In this episode we talk about stores! Custom ones, regular ones, cool ones! ALL THE STORES! We also rant a bit about the current state of build tools.

Inspecting Svelte Code with Dominik G.

Dominik joins us to talk about a really cool new feature that he has just enabled in vite-plugin-svelte

The other Rich! Geoff!

Geoff Rich is a recent addition to the Svelte maintainer org. He joins us to talk about his role and what he'd like to work on going forward. Oh, and there's some Svel...

The Adventures of Running a Svelte Meetup

This week we chat about what it takes to host a Svelte meetup! Interested in running one? Just go for it!

Rich Harris on Hydration and the future of SvelteKit

Rich joins us for discussion on Svelte, SvelteKit, Hydration and a lot of other fun stuff. Enjoy!

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