A podcast about Svelte. We bring you the latest happenings in the Svelte world as well as interviews and other interesting discussions. 

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Let's talk routing with Rich Harris

Some new routing changes have made its way to SvelteKit. Controversial? A bit. We sit down with Rich Harris to talk about the why the how of it all.

SvelteKit is changing fast!

This week we talk about a number changes that have been made to SvelteKit lately. (No! Not the big routing changes, those will be talked about next episode!). And Brit...

The Svelte Documentary is out!

In this episode we talk about the recently released Svelte documentary. We thought it was pretty good... but we're biased, we were all in it 😂

All About the Sirens

In this episode we sit down for a chat with the Svelte Sirens!

Stores Galore

In this episode we talk about stores! Custom ones, regular ones, cool ones! ALL THE STORES! We also rant a bit about the current state of build tools.

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